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What is Black Steel Pipe and galvanized pipe?

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What is Black Steel Pipe?

Black steel pipe is used to transport water and natural gas from their sources to homes and businesses. Black pipe is also used for fire sprinkler systems because of its strong resistance to heat. You can find black pipe in heat exchangers as well, where it transports heating and cooling water. Other possible uses include drain lines and heating pipes. Black steel pipe is not suitable for carrying drinking water because it rusts easily.

What is Galvanized Pipe?

Galvanized pipe is a steel pipe coated with zinc. The addition of zinc improves the pipe’s resistance to corrosion and mineral deposits, increasing its life expectancy. Galvanized pipe has been used as a water supply line material in homes and businesses for more than 30 years. It’s also a suitable material for sewer plumbing.

Galvanized pipe has many other uses besides water and sewer lines, including fences, railings, scaffolding, and farm irrigation systems. It’s best reserved for large construction projects and has a lifespan of 40 years.

Despite the zinc coating, galvanized pipe still corrodes faster than copper and PVC pipe. It can’t be used for gas lines because the zinc clogs the line when it begins to flake. Flaking zinc can also cause a galvanized steel water pipe to burst. This material also contains lead, which can taint drinking water. The zinc added to galvanized pipe makes it more expensive than regular black steel pipe.

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