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What does galvanized sheet G30 G40 G60 G90 mean?

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It turns out that the domestic method of expressing the zinc layer thickness of galvanized sheets is directly Z40g Z60g Z80g Z90g Z120g Z180g Z275g. (The amount of galvanizing is a commonly used and effective method to express the thickness of the zinc layer of galvanized sheets.)

Domestic standard value of galvanizing amount: The unit of galvanizing amount is g/m2.
Foreign countries like to use G30 G40 G60 G90 to express the amount of zinc. The conversion relationship between them is:
1oz=0.0284kg, so 0.9oz=0. 02556kg=25.56g 1ft2=0.093m2 25.56g/0.093m2=275g/m2.
For example:
G90 means that the average minimum weight of the galvanized sheet measured at three points on both sides is 0.9oz/ft2, that is, the SI unit is 275g/m2.
Simply put, galvanized sheet G60 is what we usually call Z180g zinc layer galvanized sheet.

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