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Experts predict future market trends

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Regarding the overall trend of the steel industry next year, Fan Tiejun, president of the Metallurgical Industry Planning and Research Institute, has the confidence to achieve a stable and positive development trend. Fan Tiejun said: “From the perspective of the development quality of iron and steel enterprises, after six years of policy dividends, we have solved many problems in the industry and enterprises, such as ultra-low emission transformation, and promoting environmental protection, green, intelligent, and low-carbon development. And the improvement of process equipment, etc., the quality of the supply side of iron and steel enterprises is constantly improving. So I think it comes from these two aspects, and the overall confidence in next year will still be relatively large. “

As for next year’s steel prices, Xiao Bangguo, deputy director of the Metallurgical Industry Planning and Research Institute, said that steel prices are recovering recently. Based on a comprehensive judgment, next year’s steel prices will generally be better than this year’s, and the profit level of the steel industry will also be better than this year’s. . Xiao Bangguo believes: “The price trend of different steel products is different. In fact, this year, our steel companies that mainly focus on medium and thick plates and tube billets are still doing well. This is determined by our demand side. It is caused by the price changes caused by the impact of the impact. Therefore, we believe that changes on the demand side may have an impact on prices.”

Ren Qingping, chairman of Shanghai Wubo Steel Structure Materials Co., Ltd., predicted in an interview with a reporter from China Metallurgical News that steel prices will continue to fluctuate slightly before the Spring Festival next year, accumulating rebound energy, and are expected to rise as a whole after the Spring Festival.

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