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Seamless pipe product introduction and application

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The pipe class is not mainly welded pipe and seamless pipe. Today we are going to talk about seamless management.

Seamless pipe is a popular pipe material that is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, natural gas and other industries. Seamless pipe has the characteristics of high strength, corrosion resistance, high temperature and high pressure, which can meet the complex industrial environment.

1.Common seamless tube product model:

(1). GB8162-2008 seamless steel pipe

The main advantage of this seamless tube is the smooth inside and outside surface and the absence of oxide skin and burr. In the processing process, there will be no cracks and deformation and other problems. Applicable to machinery manufacturing, automobile, motorcycle, construction, aerospace and other fields.

(2). GB9948-2006 Seamless steel pipe for petroleum cracking

The product is suitable for transporting oil, gas and other media under high temperature and high pressure conditions, with high strength, corrosion resistance and low temperature resistance characteristics. Widely used in petrochemical, textile, chemical industry and other fields.

(3). ASTM A106 Hot-rolled seamless steel pipe

Hot-rolled seamless steel pipe is mainly used for pipe system under high temperature, high pressure and special environment. The product has the advantages of high strength, good heat resistance and corrosion resistance. Applied in petrochemical, nuclear power, electric power, textile, paper making and other fields, such as: petroleum refinery, power station, chemical plant, etc.

2. Seamless pipe processing process

(1). Raw material preparation: choose high-quality metal materials, such as carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, etc., and conduct heat treatment when necessary, so that it has the proper hardness and toughness.

(2). Prepare pipe billet: process the selected raw materials into pipe billet, usually using cold pull, hot roll or cold pull processing. The size, shape, and surface roughness of the pipe billet shall comply with the manufacturing requirements.

(3). Seamless pipe: the processing of seamless pipe can use cold drawing, hot rolling, cold rolling, extrusion and other methods. Among them, the cold-pull method is one of the most commonly used methods. This method first places the pipe in the mold of the cold extraction machine, and then shrinks the mold, so that the tube is stretched inside, making it more elongated and smooth.

(4). Adjust the size and accuracy: after the seamless pipe is processed, it needs to be adjusted. This includes the inner and outer diameter, length and other aspects of the tube, and a series of accuracy tests. For example, test its wall thickness, roundness, surface roughness, mechanical properties, and so on.

(5). Seamless pipes: Finally, seamless pipes need to be strictly inspected to ensure that their quality meets the standards. This includes testing of the chemical composition of the tube, physical properties, nondestructive testing, etc.

3. Practical application

(1) Petrochemical industry
Seamless tubes are widely used in the petrochemical industry, and they can be used to transport chemicals, oil, natural gas, water and other substances to meet the production and demand of the petrochemical industry. When transporting oil, the seamless pipe can withstand high pressure, high temperature and corrosion, and has the advantages of seamless connection and space saving.
(2). Mechanical manufacturing field
The seamless pipe has high strength in pressure, and wear resistance in the field of mechanical manufacturing. Seamless pipe is mainly used to manufacture high-pressure boiler, automobile manufacturing, machine tool manufacturing and construction machinery manufacturing. The advantage of a seamless tube is that it can withstand high pressure, high temperature environment, while maintaining high strength and durability.
(3) Energy sector
Seamless tubes are also widely used in the energy field. They can be used to deliver electricity, gas, oil and water logistics. In the construction of nuclear power plants, seamless pipe is used as an important transmission pipeline to transport cooling medium and cooling water, which can obviously improve the efficiency and safety of nuclear power plants.

In general, seamless pipe is an important pipe material, the product model is very rich, the international standards ensure its quality and safety, the practical application is very wide, has contributed to the development of modern industry

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