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What is PPGL COIL?

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Since its introduction to the world market in the 1970s, PPGL COIL has become the most popular steel plate for roofs and walls. PPGL COIL’s hot-dip alloy coating contains 55% aluminum, 43.5% zinc and 1.5% silicon, which effectively combines the strength of the steel plate, the corrosion resistance of aluminum and the sacrificial protection of zinc on cuts and intervals. Under similar circumstances, the service life of galvanized steel sheets with the same coating thickness is about four times that of galvanized steel sheets.

Thickness: 0.12-1.50mm


Zinc/Alu-Zinc Coating:Z30-Z275/AZ30-AZ220

Paint Thickness: Top 12-40 μ m Back 5-20 μ m

Surface Treatment: Filmed,Drawing,Stamp,Printing.

Applications: Roofing Sheets,Wall Panels,Decorative Plates,Doors,Windows,Household Appli-ances etC.

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