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What are the advantages of the application of corrugated sheets made from steel coils?

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Colour-coated corrugated sheet is a pressed sheet made of aluminium that has been cold bent into various waveforms by rolling, also known as corrugated aluminium sheet, pressed aluminium sheet, aluminium tiles, etc.

It has the characteristics of light weight, rich colour, convenient and quick construction, earthquake resistance, fire resistance, rain resistance, long life and maintenance-free, etc. It is now widely promoted and used.

The following is a brief introduction to what are the advantages of the application of colour coated corrugated sheet?

Application advantages of colour-coated corrugated sheet:

  1. Light weight: colour-coated corrugated sheet has a low density, only 1/3 that of steel;
  2. high strength: colour coated corrugated sheet can achieve high strength through composition configuration, processing and heat treatment methods;
  3. corrosion resistance: strong rust resistance, the formation of the oxide layer, can prevent metal oxidation rust, good acid and alkali resistance;
  4. Diverse and beautiful surface treatment: anodic oxidation, electrophoresis, chemical treatment, polishing and painting treatment can be carried out;
  5. good plasticity of colour coated corrugated board, easy to process;
  6. good electrical conductivity: non-magnetization and low electric spark sensitivity, which can prevent electromagnetic interference and reduce flammability in special environments;
  7. easy to install: colour-coated corrugated board can be connected in a variety of ways such as riveting, welding and gluing;
  8. The materials used in colour coated corrugated board are environmentally friendly and can be recycled.

With its excellent characteristics, colour-coated corrugated board is widely used in industrial and civil buildings, warehouses, special buildings, roofs and walls of large-span steel structure houses, internal and external wall decoration, hotels, restaurants indoor ceiling, hotels, restaurants indoor ceiling, airports, railway stations, airport terminals, concert halls, stadiums, theatres, etc.; it is also suitable for industrial and civil buildings, warehouses, special buildings, large-span steel structure houses, roofs, walls, and internal and external wall decoration. Roof, wall and interior and exterior wall decoration of houses, etc.

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