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The difference between I-beam and H-beam

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H-shaped steel, also known as universal steel beam, wide flange I-shaped steel, or parallel flange I-shaped steel, is a long strip steel with a cross-section of “H” formed by connecting the middle web plate to the parallel flange plates on both sides. There are two production methods: welding and rolling, but due to the complexity of the welding process and unstable performance, the commonly used production method is hot rolling.
The characteristics of H-shaped steel:
1、 High strength, compared to I-beams, H-beam structures have higher strength and require fewer materials to meet the same strength requirements, saving costs.
2、 The structure is neat and easy to assemble, making it more flexible in structural construction and improving space utilization.
3、 The structure has good stability, and the structure constructed with H-shaped steel has high toughness and stability due to its smooth and tight connection, making it suitable for areas with frequent seismic activity.
Therefore, H-shaped steel is widely used in various fields such as steel structures, building construction, bridges, factory construction, and ship skeletons.
Classification and specifications of H-shaped steel: It is usually divided into three categories based on different flange widths: wide flange, middle flange, and narrow flange. The specifications are represented by “web height h * flange width b * web thickness t1 * flange thickness t2”. For example, “250 * 125 * 6 * 9” represents H-shaped steel with a web height of 250mm, a flange width of 125mm, a web thickness of 6mm, and a flange thickness of 9mm.
The use of I-beams: I-beams are not suitable for axially compressed components or components perpendicular to the web plane with curved components, which greatly limits their application. The use of H-shaped steel: mainly used for various civil and industrial building structures; Various large-span industrial factories and modern high-rise buildings, especially in areas with frequent seismic activity and high-temperature working conditions;

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