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Oval Pipe: 5 Things You Need to Know Before You Buy It (fast!)

Hi, I’m Max Shi, the CEO of tytsteel.com. With more than 10 years of experience in OEM/ODM steel pipe, I’d love to share with you the valuable knowledge related to steel products from a Chinese supplier’s perspective. Hope you like this article, and please share it or subscribe to our newsletter.

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As galvanized pipe becomes more and more popular in daily life applications, its sectional shapes are no longer confined to the traditional round, square and rectangular shapes. Many shaped specifications have been derived. Oval pipe is the best case in point.

So what do you know about oval tubes?

What is an oval pipe?

Oval tubing, also called flat round tubing , has a stronger elevation than flat surfaces and is easier to work with than square tubing.

What are the characteristics of oval pipe?

  • The thicker the thickness of the oval tube, the more it has the rationality and applicability, the thinner the wall thickness, its production costs will be significantly higher!
  • Its processing technology determines its limitations, and its shortcomings can not be ignored: wall thickness is not uniform, low surface gloss in the tube, the increase in the cost of sizing, and the inner surface also has a black spot, a small black spot is not easy to remove and so on.
oval to round pipe
oval to round pipe

Oval pipe production process

Finely rolled tube – Inspection – Peeling – Inspection – Heating – Hole breaking – Pickling and passivation – Sharpening – Rinsing and blow-drying – Ultrasonic molds – Cold drawing – Ageing – Pickling and passivation – Phosphate treatment – Inspection – Cold tying – Degreasing – Cutting of head – Blow-drying – Inner grinding and polishing – Outer grinding and polishing – Inspection – Marking – Packing.

Tip: Steel oval pipe are cold rolled in a more complicated way than hot rolled (extruded seamless tubes). The first three steps of their manufacturing production process are basically the same.

Advantages of oval pipe

  • Circular spiral pipe seams, its strength, air density is better than the general round pipe, the inside of the pipe wall seams smooth, oval pipe for air conditioning air supply and return, firefighting air supply and so on.
  • The use of high-speed flying cutting machine, no burrs, no secondary processing, construction safety, high precision pipe diameter.
  • CRIMPER (wave type) joints are used for pipe ends up to 200mm, eliminating the need for flanges, providing quick bonding and high gas density.

What are the uses of oval tubes?

Oval tubes are widely used for various structural components, tools and mechanical parts. Compared with the round tube, the profiled tube generally has a larger moment of inertia and section modulus, a larger bending and torsion resistance, which can greatly reduce the weight of the structure and save steel. Among them.
steel oval pipe shed in the shed application scene can be said to have a long history.

So what are the benefits of elliptical tube greenhouses in use?

Today for you to introduce the characteristics of elliptical tube shed, to want to build a shed friends a reference, I hope to be able to help you!

elliptical tube greenhouses
Long lifeElliptical steel pipe galvanized steel pipe greenhouse skeleton adopts galvanized process, the surface is smooth, will not produce rust thorns, the greenhouse covering materials and insulation will play a protective role.
Transportation and installation is easy.After bending machine, the height, curvature, shoulder height and angle of the shed can be bent at will. This streamlined design, the wind passes through without obstruction, reducing the damage caused by high winds on the membrane. And the lighting of the shed is also better!
No rust.Elliptical steel pipe galvanized steel pipe greenhouse skeleton is not easy to rust, erosion, small thermal conductivity, smooth surface, elegant appearance. Corrosion resistance and general steel pipe compared to the service life can be extended by 7-9 years.
Can be mechanized manipulation.The middle of the trellis does not need pillars, greatly increasing the area of cultivation, saving work force, can be mechanized manipulation, increase work efficiency.
High production efficiency.According to the span of the shed, the diameter and wall thickness of the trellis tube can be adjusted at will.
Good bearing capacity.Elliptical steel pipe galvanized steel pipe trellis skeleton with good gravity, high strength, toughness, strong resistance to wind and snow.
Recyclable.Oval steel pipe galvanized steel pipe greenhouse skeleton and may wish to disassemble at any time, recycling.

What are the dimensions of the oval conduit?

Common sizes are: 3080/3075/3070/2550.

Which is better for weight bearing, oval or round pipe?

Round pipe and oval pipe is of course round pipe is stronger, this is mainly because the round pipe force uniform pressure resistance is strong, so outside almost all the pipe, as long as there is a certain pressure inside are using round pipe, while the oval pipe internal force is uneven pressure resistance is poor, in general, are used in the place where there is little pressure, and there is a clear difference between the pressure of the pipeline.

How to buy quality oval pipe?

[ Factory Technology ]
You need to look at the factory’s welding technology, molding technology, oval pipe is extruded from the round tube to change shape, weld if not handled well, in the molding process will burst, in addition to molding molds need to be accurate and stable in order to ensure that the galvanized pipe material is not deformed, the size of the deviation is small.

[ Factory Direct ]
First of all, you should choose the factory direct sales, like many hardware stores, steel markets say they have factories, but their stores have taken up the rent, labor, utilities, which will be discounted to the offer.
It is better to buy directly from the salesman of the factory, so as to avoid the middleman to earn the price difference and other miscellaneous fees, TYTSTEEL has special care for new customers, the starting quantity is very low.

4 inch oval pipe

[ Manufacturer Specification ]
The oval pipe factory has complete specifications, and we can customize different pipe diameters and wall thicknesses on demand even if we don’t have them in stock. If you need to purchase galvanized pipe with multiple specifications, you can save a fortune on shipping costs if you buy all sizes of pipe at the same factory.

What to look for in a purchase?

Oval tube is usually pressed with round tube, commonly used round tube 51 pressed 60 * 40, 63 pressed 80 * 40, 76 pressed 95 * 55, according to the size of the face tube and the size of the elliptical elbow to choose the specifications to be used, and here we should pay attention to the size of the supplier’s pressed out must be tightly fitted with the elliptical elbow, otherwise it can not be welded.

thickness should be appropriate, too thin, if easily deformed, too thick, if the pressure pipe fee will be much higher, generally 1.9 solid thickness above the pressure pipe fee to be doubled, so pay attention to when doing the budget. (You can also choose to contact our business manager directly, he will provide you with solutions according to your budget)

The technology of the selected supplier should be over the top, i.e., the pressed out tube must be straight, and it cannot be welded if it is not straight.

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