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How to Bend Galvanized Sheet Metal

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Galvanized steel is a resilient and corrosion-resistant metal, which makes it an ideal component in many projects. Bending the galvanized steel can help you mold it into shapes appropriate for your project. The bending process is fairly simple, but you should feel confident operating power tools before you attempt to bend the galvanized steel. The most important part is to use patience and work slowly so you don’t injure yourself or others as you work.

Step 1

Draw a line along the section you want to bend using a black felt tip marker. Set a straight edge along the section as you work so your line is straight.

Step 2

Move the metal to the edge of a table. Replace the straight edge right next to the marker line and clamp the metal and the straight edge to the worktable using table clamps. Tighten the clamps down until the straight edge and metal will not move.

Step 3

Place an electric grinder onto the metal so the edge of the grinding stone sits against the marker line. Turn on the grinder and drag it across the line, leaving a shallow groove.

Step 4

Lift the grinder after the first pass and examine the groove. If the line is black, you may have pressed too hard, which may cause that section of metal to snap off instead of bend.

Step 5

Unclamp the metal and gently bend it in the correct direction. Move slowly to avoid breaking the metal. Stop bending once you reach the correct angle and release it.

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