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Galvanized aluminum magnesium

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product description
Galvanized aluminum magnesium is a new type of coating product with high corrosion resistance. The coating composition is mainly zinc, and the content of added aluminum and magnesium is between 1.5% and 8% (the overall magnesium content is not less than 0.2%). The added magnesium (Mg) component is conducive to promoting a very stable formation state. And the well-organized and delicate protective film – hydrozincite (Zn5 (OH)8Cl2 ‧H2O) generates and maintains a film-like covering layer on the surface of the coating, thereby ensuring excellent corrosion resistance. Compared with traditional galvanized or galvanized products, galvanized aluminum-magnesium has better notch corrosion resistance, flat corrosion resistance, low friction coefficient and wear resistance. It can be used as the substrate of color-coated boards and is widely used It is used in automobile parts, air conditioners, solar photovoltaic brackets, animal husbandry, high-speed guardrails, electrical cabinets and roof and wall materials of steel structure buildings, etc.

Product Features

  1. By adding magnesium and aluminum alloy elements, the plane corrosion resistance of zinc-aluminum-magnesium coating is about 3 times that of pure zinc coating.
  2. The friction coefficient of zinc-aluminum-magnesium coating is 15% lower than that of pure zinc coating, and it remains stable during the reciprocating friction process, so it has excellent forming ability.
  3. Compared with products such as aluminum or stainless steel, galvanized aluminum-magnesium is a more economical substitute

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