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wholesale corrugated metal roofing sheet

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Product Description

ppgi corrugated metal steel roofing and wall sheet
Corrugated sheet include three type, can be used as roofing sheet or retaining wall

1. Wave tile

2. Trapezoidal tile

3. Color Glazed Tile

Color glazed tile is a new kind of building materials, using the color steel plate as the substrate through special processing, possessing the feature of rich color, strong corrosion resistance, light weight, high strength, decoration as a whole, with the gentle curve, obvious ladder, extremely give expression to the ancient tile effect, strong connections can completely withstand the roof load, the specific air layer improved the performance of thermal insulation. Tile Its inherent water-proofing groove has a good characteristic of water resistance, it is very suitable for light steel structure, concrete structure, timberwork building on the reconstruction of old city and flat to change slop project.

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