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ERW vs EFW Steel Pipe: Which One Should You Choose and Why?

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Steel pipe ERW steel pipe is the abbreviation of electric resistance welding. The welding methods of ERW pipe and submerged arc welded pipe are obviously different. Pressure welding method without filler metal. Other components not filled in the weld
The skin effect and proximity effect of high-frequency current are used to instantaneously heat the edge of the plate. At the welding temperature, the weld seam of the forged structure is extruded by extrusion rollers. High-quality steel pipes need to be welded. Heat treatment is performed on-line or off-line to improve the microstructure of the weld zone. The weld seam of high-quality ERW welded pipe can reach the same level of toughness as the base metal, which cannot be achieved by the submerged arc welding process.

EFW steel pipe is the abbreviation of electric fusion welding. Submerged arc welding (SAW) – one of electric welding (EFW) is a process in which metal is heated by one or more consumable electrodes and the workpiece to weld
Hot metal, then use an electric arc to create and fill the metal. The material melts completely and no pressure is required. A portion of the filler metal comes entirely from the electrodes. molten gas shielded welding
(GMAW) An electric fusion welding (EFW) similar to submerged arc welding, but with the protection from an inert gas and with better results.

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