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Which is better, galvanized pipe or powder coating?

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1、 Comparison of Corrosion Resistance between Galvanization and Spray Coating
Galvanization is a method of coating a layer of zinc metal on the surface of steel, which has good corrosion resistance at room temperature and can effectively prevent corrosion of steel in humid, salt spray, and other harsh environments. Spray coating is a type of coating formed by spraying a plastic onto the surface of steel, which performs better in corrosion resistance than galvanizing.
Specifically, spray coating has the following advantages: firstly, the coating texture of spray coating is delicate and uniform, which can effectively prevent defects such as bubbles and holes on the surface of steel, and reduce the damage and corrosion of the zinc oxide layer; Secondly, in special environments such as alkali resistance, acid resistance, and salt resistance, spray coating can protect the surface of steel from corrosion, so its performance is better than that of galvanizing in some extreme environments; Thirdly, the coating thickness and color of spray molding can be adjusted according to needs, which can meet the needs of different application scenarios. Moreover, the spray molding process is relatively simple and the cost is also low.

2、 Application scenarios of galvanizing and spray coating
Based on the above comparison, we can conclude that spray coating is superior to galvanizing in terms of corrosion resistance. However, the application scenarios of the two are different. Simply put, for some general corrosion resistance requirements, galvanizing can already meet the requirements, while for some special corrosion resistance requirements in environments, spray painting is more suitable.
For example, some common building materials, metal products, etc., due to their widespread demand and low corrosion resistance requirements, are usually treated with galvanizing; For some industrial equipment, chemical containers, etc. with special requirements, they may be subjected to severe corrosion and erosion in the production environment, so spray coating treatment is required.

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