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What are the common uses of seamless steel tubes?

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The seamless tube is formed in one piece, directly pierced from round steel, without welds on the surface, and has a wide range of applications. Because of the special processing of seamless steel tubes, carbon structural steel, low alloy structural steel, etc. are generally used for production, and its output is large, and it can also be customized according to different needs. The performance is still very good. So what are the common uses of this type of steel pipe?

Seamless steel tubes are used in a wide range of applications, including structures, fluid transportation, low and medium pressure boilers, high pressure boilers, fertilizer equipment, oil cracking, geological drilling, diamond core drilling, oil drilling, ships, automobile axle casings, diesel engines, etc. , will use seamless steel tubes, the use of seamless steel tubes can avoid problems such as leakage, ensure the use effect, and improve the utilization rate of materials.

It can be seen that the application of seamless steel tubes mainly reflects three major fields. One is the construction field, which can be used for underground pipeline transportation, including groundwater extraction when building buildings. The second is the processing field, which can be used in machining, bearing sleeves, etc. The third is the electrical field, including pipelines for gas transmission and fluid pipelines for hydroelectric power generation.

1. Construction applications

In most cases, seamless steel tubes are used in building construction pipelines, especially for underground pipeline transportation. In order to ensure the sealing effect and strength, such steel pipes are generally used, and long-term underground use is also guaranteed. . Or when extracting groundwater and boilers conveying hot water, such pipes are also used.

2. Machining

There are many machining processes that use steel. In order to ensure the processing performance and meet the application of most accessories, seamless steel tubes can also be used, such as the processing of bearing sleeves, or when machining accessories. to such steel pipes.

3. Electrical applications

Such steel pipes can also be used for gas transmission and fluid pipelines for hydroelectric power generation. The performance is stable, and the long-term service life can also be guaranteed.

There are some special application areas that require the use of special seamless steel tubes, so we still have to select steel pipes according to our actual situation. You can also directly contact the manufacturer for purchase to ensure that the steel pipe meets our needs.

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