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Looking for a scaffolding pipe supplier to expand your business? Look no further than our company! As a factory with 20 years of experience in manufacturing scaffolding pipes, you can find scaffolding pipes in various sizes (custom diameters, thicknesses, lengths) and materials.

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Scaffolding Tubes Suppliers, Manufacturing Gi Pipe Scaffolding with an Annual Capacity of Over 800,000 Tons.

Supplying Galvanised Scaffolding Tube and BS1139 Scaffolding
tubes Since 2001.

China Galvanized Gi Scaffolding Pipe Scaffolding Tubes For Sale

Scaffolding pipe is also called scaffolding tubes. The diameter of a scaffold tube is OD48.3mm. While the thickness of gi pipe scaffolding is 3.2mm or 4.0mm.

The longest galvanised scaffolding tube is 21ft(6.4m). While you can have other scaffolding tubes lengths in 20 ft (6m), 16 ft, 13ft, 10 ft, 8 ft, 6 ft, 5 ft, etc.

Tell us your galvanised scaffolding tube requirement now. You will get a competitive price for your construction immediately.

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Advantages Of Sourcing Galvanized Scaffolding Pipe From TYTSTEEL

Quality Policy

As a CE Certified and ISO9001 Scaffold Factory, TYTSTEEL proceed strictly quality control from raw material to welding line, straight and galvanizing adhere, etc. We also test the galvanized scaffolding pipes in chemical and physical. Include Steel chemical composition, Tensile Strength, Yield Strength, Elongation, Flatten, and Bending.

Zinc weight

We offer a true hot-dipped (fused to the metal for much longer life and better looks) scaffold. Our products are all coated at the rate of 650 grams per sq meter while some of our competitors are only managing 200 grams per square meter. Meanwhile, Our scaffolding pipe production capacity is 1000 tons per day. You can expect a quick delivery for your scaffold tube orders here.

Value Added Services for galvanized scaffolding pipe

In addition to our huge in-stock inventory of tubing, we also offer numerous value-added secondary services to better meet your needs.
We can provide: High precision laser cutting services, Saw cutting services, Galvanizing services, Hole punching services, Bending services, and Sandblasting services.Meanwhile, your company logos are able to engraved(embossed) on your products too.

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Enterprise Certificate

Our company has passed international certifications such as ISO, CE, LR, and the Philippines, and supports third-party testing such as SGS and BV.

we’re 100% legit.

Galvanized pipe certificate
Galvanized pipe certificate
Galvanized pipe certificate

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The profit growth rate for our long-term clients was 17% in the first year and 34.9% in the second year.

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GabrielPurchasing Manager
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I recently worked with this company as a purchaser and was very impressed with their products and services. The communication was excellent, and they were always responsive to my inquiries. TYT has helped us reduce costs by keeping material to a tight flatness tolerance- and when we need something special they have the machining capabilities to supply near net finished shapes.We are thankful for all they do! I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking for high-quality products and exceptional service.
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I am a steel trader in Hong Kong, I have been sourcing steel pipes from TYT to sell to African countries for 6 years, I can't say who I am for privacy reasons, but I am so happy with our cooperation with this company that I wrote this review to them to give more support. The quality of their products is very good and their prices are very competitive, which has led to a very steady return order from my regular customers. Zoe, their company sales manager, gave me great marketing support which further increased our sales. All in all, I highly recommend working with this company, they are an excellent and trustworthy supplier.
MareeLarge-scale engineering project managers
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TYT is a great company and I have been to their factory tour in 2018. Their owner is a very nice guy, very professional and solved a lot of my problems. Of course, I also referred my friends to buy from them. Every year TYT sends me a gift, thank you very much!

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Scaffolding Pipe – The Comprehensive FAQ Guide

BS1139 Scaffold Tubes, EN39 Scaffolding Pipes, Galvanised Scaffold Tubes, Black Scaffold Tubes, MS 1462 Standard Scaffold Tubs, STK 500 GI Pipes, and Aluminium Scaffold Tubes.

The standard size of scaffolding tubes and scaffolding pipes should be at a diameter that has an average of 48.3 mm.For the wall thickness, though, you could have it at around 3.2 mm to about 4.0 mm, and the tubes should be straight and must not have any type of inconsistency with its shape and form.

As we mentioned above, the standard thickness of scaffolding pipes and tubes is at about 3.2 mm to 4 mm. This is just the standard, though – so, you can’t go about thinking that this should be what the regular size is.

There are scaffolding pipe suppliers and manufacturers that play with the sizes of the pipes, including the thickness and the thinness.

In measuring the thickness, we always think only of the outside part – we fail to include or consider the inside or the interior of the pipe wall. So, be sure to check this with your manufacturer as well.

The weight of these scaffolding pipes depends on the size, length, and the overall thickness that they have.

Usually, the weight of each standard pipe is about 20 to 40 kg. However, bigger pipes (for bigger scaffolding projects) would weigh more – and it can go as high as 60 to 80 kg per piece.

The weight of these scaffolding pipes is relevant because they’ll be the reference of whether or not you’ll easily be able to transport them.

You can send your scaffolding pipe diameter, thickness, and lengths needed to TYTSTEEL. We will quote you the price. Then place orders, do the payment. We will send the scaffold tubes to your port or address.

TYTSTEEL is able to calculate how many pieces of scaffolding pipes and fitting are used for your area of the scaffold. You can also use software to calculate the quantity according to your construction arrangement.

Scaffolding pipe manufacturing takes 3-10 days. Galvanized takes 3-5 days. We can finish the normal quantity of scaffolding pipes within 15 days.  Delivery will be arranged after finished the manufacturing.

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