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Wholesale Steel from China

manufacturers pre-galvanized square tubing



1. Customer oriented.   We are an OEM and ODM manufacturer with a professional multi-lingual sales team. We have been selling our products globally for 18 years. Our technology can satisfy all of our customers’ needs. And our sophisticated sales team can make your whole purchasing experience as simple and relaxed as it can be, from pre-sale to after-sale.   One-stop service. We have our own processing center for punching, flattening, ending, threading and other types of processing to provide one-stop service to our customers. 
2. Quality control.   JZY uses the industry’s top steel pipe production line which is four times as expensive as our competitors’. Our equipment can produce better quality and higher precision products. Our production line is twice as fast as an ordinary one and the specification tolerances are much smaller.   We have our own factory and test center. We can perform all necessary tests to ensure product quality, including chemical component analysis, mechanical property tests, technical property tests, and visual inspection.

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