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Factory sale scaffolding prop

Scaffolding Its main role is to make the workers in high altitude construction more convenient, but also can maintain the effect of worker safety, it can both as a operation, and can count as a protection, able to withstand its own, the weight of the safety net, railings, workers, and so on, pay attention to it can’t burden structure, crane, and the weight of a large number of materials.

We have all kinds of scaffolding, prop for construction, plank, ring lock ,clamp and so on to meet your needs


Powder coated surface

Why chosoe us:

A. We are manufacturer, with competitive price and reliable quality to enable clients to take the projects;

B. We are certificated plant, with various certificates to secure clients’ official requirements;

C. We possess our own export qualification and are rich in trade operation to simplify clients’ operation.

Item Specification Weight/kg





Powder Coating


Adjustable height:1700-3000 mm

Outer tube: 48*1.6 mm

Inner tube: 40*1.6 mm



Adjustable height:2000-3500 mm

Outer tube: 48*1.8 mm

Inner tube: 40*1.8 mm



Adjustable height:2200-4000 mm

Outer tube: 48*2.0 mm

Inner tube: 40*2.0 mm



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