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Packaging Requirements for Seamless Steel Pipes

Table of Contents

The packaging requirements of seamless steel pipes (SMLS) are basically divided into two categories: one is ordinary bundling, and the other is loading in similar containers with turnover boxes.

  1. Bundled packaging

(1) Seamless steel pipes should be prevented from being damaged during bundling and transportation, and the bundling labels should be uniform.
(2) The same bundle of seamless steel pipes should be seamless steel pipes with the same furnace number (batch number), same steel grade, and same specification, and should not be bundled with mixed furnaces (batch number), and those less than one bundle should be bundled into small bundles.
(3) The weight of each bundle of seamless steel pipes should not exceed 50kg. With the consent of the user, the bundle weight can be increased, but the weight cannot exceed 80kg.
(4) When bundling flat-end seamless steel pipes, one end should be aligned, and the difference between the pipe ends at the aligned ends is less than 20mm, and the length difference of each bundle of seamless steel pipes is less than 10mm, but the seamless steel pipes ordered according to the usual length are less than 10mm per bundle of seamless steel pipes. The length difference is less than 5mm, and the middle and second length of a bundle of seamless steel pipes shall not exceed 10mm.

seamless steel pipe

  1. Bundling form

If the length of seamless steel pipe is greater than or equal to 6m, each bundle shall be tied with at least 8 straps, divided into 3 groups, and tied into 3-2-3; 2-1-2; the length of the seamless steel pipe is greater than or equal to 3m, each bundle is tied with at least 3 straps, divided into 3 groups, and tied into 1-1-1. When there are special requirements, 4 plastic snap rings or nylon rope loops can be added to a single seamless steel pipe. The snap rings or rope loops should be fastened firmly and must not be loose or fall off during transportation.

  1. Container packaging

(1) Cold-rolled or cold-drawn seamless steel pipes and polished hot-rolled stainless steel pipes can be packed in containers (such as plastic boxes and wooden boxes).
(2) The weight of the packaged container should meet the requirements in Table 1. After negotiation between the supplier and the buyer, the weight of each container can be increased.
(3) When the seamless steel pipe is loaded into the container, the inner wall of the container should be covered with cardboard, plastic cloth or other moisture-proof materials. The container should be tight and not seepage.
(4) For seamless steel pipes packed in containers, a label shall be attached inside the container. A label should also be hung on the outer end face of the container.
(5) There are special packaging requirements for seamless steel pipes, which should be negotiated by both parties.

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