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The Complete Guide to Galvanized Pipe Size Measurement: Easy to Master Outside Diameter and Length Measurement Techniques!

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How to measure galvanized pipe size?

When measuring the dimensions of galvanized pipe, you need to choose the appropriate measuring tools, such as tape measure, caliper, inside diameter measuring caliper and electronic thickness gauge.

measure hot dip galvanized pipe size

How to measure galvanized pipe length?

1. Measure the length: Use a tape measure or measuring gauge to measure the length of the pipe. Make sure the end of the tube is flat and placed on a horizontal surface. If the tube is long, you can use two measuring tools to measure the length of two sections of the tube, and then add the results together.

How to measure galvanized pipe diameter?

2. Measure the outside diameter: Use calipers or tape measure to measure the outside diameter of the tube. Place one end of the caliper or tape measure on one side of the tube and rotate the other end to the opposite side of the tube. Make sure the caliper or tape measure is perpendicular to the tube and in close contact with the surface of the tube.

how to measure galvanized pipe wall thickness?

3. Measure the wall thickness: Use the ID measuring caliper and OD measuring caliper to calculate the wall thickness of the tube by subtracting the OD from the ID. When measuring, the inside diameter measuring caliper should be put into the center of the tube, perpendicular to the surface of the tube, to ensure that the caliper is in close contact with the inner surface of the tube. The outer diameter measuring caliper should be rotated along the outer surface of the tube and make sure the contact with the surface of the tube is tight. Then, read the inner and outer diameter values, and subtract the inner diameter from the outer diameter to get the wall thickness of the tube.

4. Measuring galvanized layer thickness: There are two general methods for galvanized layer thickness: one is to use a zinc layer thickness gauge; there is also a more troublesome method to cut a piece of plated component and then get the amount of zinc on it by dissolving the reduced zinc.

The former is convenient and quick, and the latter is more accurate. To measure the thickness of the galvanized layer using the electronic thickness gauge: Place the electronic thickness gauge on the surface of the galvanized pipe and press the measurement button. Follow the instructions of the electronic thickness gauge to read the thickness of the galvanized layer.

Tip: If you need to measure the average value of the length or diameter of the tube, you can measure different positions several times and then take the average value.

How do I measure the diameter of a large pipe?

Galvanized pipe measuring diameter
Galvanized pipe measuring diameter

If it is not installed on the pipe, the diameter can be measured directly with a tape measure. If it is installed, then you can only use the tape measure to measure the outer circumference of the pipe, and then use the formula Outer Diameter = Circumference / π to get the outer diameter of the pipe. If you want to measure the inner diameter, you can directly subtract the wall thickness of the pipe from the outer diameter just now!

How to accept the quality of galvanized pipes after buying them from galvanized pipe suppliers?

1、Appearance check: uniform wall thickness, no burr at the pipe mouth, no rust, no bending; the whole piece is well packed.

2、Measurement: measure the wall thickness with vernier calipers and the length with a tape measure. Measure the weight with electronic scale or weighing scale.

3, test method: wire pipe sampling test DN15 ~ 20, simmering bend with bender on site, the bend and bending flatness meet the requirements; hot galvanized pipe with a hammer to properly knock the outer wall, watch whether there are gaps.

4, information requirements: the corresponding specifications accompanying the product quality certificate.

TYTSTEEL is a galvanized pipe manufacturer from China, we strictly control every step of the production process, raw material suppliers for China’s nationally recognized steel mills, special materials can be customized to meet the requirements of national standards (ASTM, BS1387, JIS, etc.) such as Haigang, Yurund, etc., to ensure maximum consistency and stability of materials, product appearance and internal quality, raw materials We can meet the material requirements from Q195, 235, 235B, 345, etc.

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