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Greenhouse Pipe and Galvanized Oval Pipe, How to Choose Greenhouse Pipe? (with pictures)

Hi, I’m Max Shi, the CEO of tytsteel.com. With more than 10 years of experience in OEM/ODM steel pipe, I’d love to share with you the valuable knowledge related to steel products from a Chinese supplier’s perspective. Hope you like this article, and please share it or subscribe to our newsletter.

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Greenhouse construction steel pipe selection

There are 3 types of steel pipes commonly used in greenhouse construction: one is galvanized steel pipe, the second is oilfield pipe, and the third is ordinary iron pipe.

  • Galvanized pipe: now the market is mainly sold in the hot galvanized pipe, this kind of steel pipe galvanized layer is not easy to come off, anti-rust ability, strong pressure resistance, not easy to bend, long service life, we choose galvanized pipe in the construction of greenhouses to complete is very cost-effective.

(Hot-dip galvanizing is a method of obtaining a metal covering by immersing steel components in molten zinc. The thickness of galvanization is generally between 35 – 200 microns, and hot-dip galvanized material must be used if you want the main body of the greenhouse skeleton to have a long service life.)

Vegetable farmers in the purchase of this steel pipe, according to the width of the shed to choose a different diameter of steel pipe, the general width of the shed more than 10 meters, in order to enhance the pressure resistance of the shed, you should choose the diameter of 5 cm of steel pipe; while the width of the shed is less than 10 meters, you can choose the diameter of 4.5 cm of steel pipe. Before use, it should be pre-bent in accordance with the arch of the shed surface before use.

  • Oil field pipe: small diameter, some wall thickness can reach about 0.8 cm, strong elasticity, can be used without pre-bending it during installation. Rusting of steel pipes will pollute the shed film, so it is necessary to apply antirust paint in time.
  • Ordinary iron pipe: low price, but there is no anti-rust ability, in the use of the shed should also be pre-bent in accordance with the arch of the shape to be used, but also need to apply anti-rust paint in a timely manner, in order to extend the life of the iron pipe.

There are many types of greenhouse greenhouses, each of which has its own specific and advantages, and generally greenhouse greenhouses are mostly made of oval steel pipes.

Let me come to the specific 5 characteristics of oval steel pipe shed.

5 Features of oval steel pipe

01Long service life.

oval steel pipe surface smooth, the membrane is not easy to damage, extending the service life of the membrane.

02 Easy transportation and installation.
After bending machine, the height, curvature, shoulder height and angle of the shed can be bent at will.

03No rust.
Oval steel pipe galvanized steel pipe trellis skeleton is not easy to rust, erosion, small thermal conductivity, smooth surface.

04 can be mechanized manipulation.
No pillar is needed in the middle of the trellis, which greatly increases the cultivation area, can be mechanized, and increases the working efficiency.

05 Good gravity bearing.
Whether it is square pipe, oval steel pipe, or galvanized steel pipe, can make its greenhouse skeleton has good gravity bearing, high strength, toughness and resistance to wind and snow.

After learning about the characteristics of oval pipe, do you know how it is produced?

Watch this video: Production process of oval tubes

How to make oval pipe from hot-dip galvanized round pipe?

The cut 2 inch hot dip galvanized round pipe is heated and softened to make it easier to shape.
Then it is fed into the elliptical pipe extruder and undergoes a molding process to give it a 30*75 elliptical cross section.
Finally, it can also be bent according to customers’ requirements. Supporting tubes with different diameters and ovality.

TYTSTEEL produces galvanized pipes with high galvanization for better quality and durability.

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