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Classification of Scaffolds and Differences between Scaffolds and Steel Supports

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We all know that the support of scaffolding is indispensable in construction projects, and it plays a crucial role in engineering; At the same time, everyone also knows that there are many types of scaffolding, so what are the specific classifications of scaffolding? Below is a detailed introduction to the classification of scaffolding, let’s take a look together!

Classified by purpose

If scaffolding is classified according to its purpose, it can be divided into three types: operational scaffolding, protective scaffolding, and load-bearing support scaffolding.

①Operation scaffolding can also be called operation scaffolding, including scaffolding used for structural operations and scaffolding used for decoration operations.

②The main function of protective scaffolding is to ensure safety.

③Scaffolds with load-bearing support are mainly used for form work support.             

  Classification by material and specification

If scaffolding is classified according to material and specifications, it can be divided into wooden and bamboo scaffolding, steel pipe scaffolding, and door type composite scaffolding.

① Wooden bamboo scaffolding refers to a scaffold made of wood or bamboo.

② Steel pipe scaffold refers to a scaffold made of metal steel pipes as raw materials, including fastener type steel pipe scaffold and bowl type scaffold.

Classification by support method

If the scaffolding is classified according to the support method, it can be divided into floor type scaffolding, cantilever scaffolding, suspended scaffolding, suspended scaffolding, and attached lifting scaffolding.

① Floor standing scaffolding is a type of scaffolding that is erected on the ground, exposed surface, roof, or other platform structures.

② Overhang scaffolding, also known as cantilever scaffolding, uses a cantilever method to support and fix the scaffolding, such as erecting it on a dedicated cantilever beam, a dedicated cantilever triangular truss, and erecting it on a cantilever structure composed of supporting rods.

③ Hanging scaffolding, also known as hanging scaffolding, is a type of fixed scaffolding that is attached to a wall and hung on wall hanging components in the upper and middle parts.

④ Suspended scaffolding, also known as scaffolding, is a type of scaffolding that is suspended under a cantilever beam or engineering structure.

⑤ Attached lifting scaffold, abbreviated as “climbing scaffold” or “overall lifting scaffold”, is a suspended scaffold attached to the engineering structure and lifted by its own lifting equipment, among which the overall lifting scaffold is achieved.

Scaffolding is mainly used as a protective frame for the periphery of buildings. For the construction of the main structure, scaffolding mainly includes masonry scaffolding and concrete pouring scaffolding; Its purpose is to provide operating surfaces, workbenches, and protection for the construction of various processes.

The main purpose of support is to provide load-bearing support points for formwork construction.

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