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What is the lifespan of galvanized pipes?

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The lifespan of galvanized water pipes is related to various factors, such as water quality, usage environment, installation methods, etc. Generally speaking, the service life of galvanized water pipes is between 20 and 50 years, but some situations that require replacement may occur earlier.

  1. Water quality: Poor water quality can accelerate the corrosion of galvanized water pipes, leading to a shortened lifespan. Long term use of groundwater, seawater containing a large amount of salt, and other water sources can seriously damage galvanized water pipes, greatly reducing their lifespan.
  2. Usage environment: The usage environment is also an important factor affecting the lifespan of galvanized water pipes. If the water pipe is exposed to a humid and highly corrosive gas environment for a long time, the zinc layer on the surface of the water pipe will be eroded, greatly reducing its anti-corrosion effect. 3. Installation method: The installation method of the water pipe will also affect its service life. If the installation is not reasonable and the seal is not tight, it will lead to the accumulation of dirt inside the water pipe, accelerate the corrosion of the water pipe, and thus affect its service life.

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