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What is galvanised coil?

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Galvanised coil, a thin steel sheet that is dipped into a molten zinc bath so that a layer of zinc adheres to its surface. It is mainly produced by the continuous galvanising process, whereby rolls of steel sheet are continuously dipped into a bath of molten zinc to make a galvanised steel sheet; alloyed galvanised steel sheet.

This steel is also manufactured by the hot dipping method, but immediately after leaving the bath, it is heated to around 500 degrees Celsius to produce an alloy coating of zinc and iron. This galvanised coil has good paint adhesion and weldability.

Galvanised sheets produced from hot-dip galvanised substrates have the advantages of smooth and beautiful appearance, good corrosion resistance, bright colours, beautiful appearance, easy processing and forming and the original strength and ductility of steel sheets and lower costs.

It is used for automobiles, solar energy, metal products, household appliances, containers, pressure vessels and construction materials. It is also available according to the needs of the user. Depending on the application, the substrate of the coated steel sheet can be made of electro-galvanised, hot-dip galvanised or cold-rolled steel.

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