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How to produce steel pipe with smooth weld seams?

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Ugly welds create problems beyond aesthetics, they can lead to quality and cost issues. Why are my welds ropey? Ropey welds – welds that are too convex and too high – typically occur when welding with too high of wire feed speed and too low of voltage. This is particularly true in the flat and horizontal positions. In the vertical position, ropey welds are more common due to gravity.

Shat is causing excessive spatter on my welds? Excessive weld spatter can result from voltage that’s too low or from welding on base material that is dirty or has mill scale.

So how to solve these problems, first, ensure that the welds are properly cleaned and ground to remove any surface imperfections. Second, use the correct angle and pressure when grinding to avoid over-grinding or under-grinding. Third, choose the appropriate abrasive discs to get the desired finish. Fourth, practice blending welds on scrap metal before working on the actual project to hone your skills. Lastly, always wear protective gear and take safety precautions while working with welding equipment.

By incorporating these guidelines, you can produce high-quality welds that blend seamlessly, resulting in a professional-looking finished product.

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