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Black iron pipe VS black steel pipe: What is the Difference

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If you are looking for black steel vs black iron comparison and trying to make a good choice, then you are at the right place! 

Steel pipe comes under many different names depending on what it looks like and exactly how it’s been made. It’s a durable material that doesn’t corrode very easily, so it can serve as functional piping for many applications.

This type of piping used to exist more commonly in houses built before the 1960s. It is actually a form of steel pipe, but it’s made with a slightly different composition of materials to make it a little more malleable. However, water does corrode this type of pipe fairly easily in comparison to steel.


There is a big difference between black iron pipe and steel pipe when it comes to price. Due to the pure steel and its high durability, the black steel pipe is priced high in comparison to the black iron pipe. Nevertheless, a black iron pipe can be more convenient in households as it is widely available compared to steel pipe.


We need to join the pipes to increase their length for various jobs. The black steel pipe requires welding in joints which makes it the pipe hard to create leakages. But in the case of black iron pipes, connector valves are used which can create leakages over time.


The usage depends on the pipe’s durability and capability in resisting corrosion. The black steel pipe is very durable and can handle corrosion for a long time in comparison to black iron pipes. On the other hand, the malleability of the black iron pipe makes it corrode more quickly.

Observing black steel vs black iron, we can conclude that the two types of pipe are very useful but in different assignments. Considering all pros and cons, we can easily choose the correct one for our job.

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